Sunday, 24 February 2008


I have recently started extolling the virtues of the Ubuntu Linux distro...It all just works so well! well, it kind of I thought Id start recording some of the little 'tweaks' and 'tips' that I have encountered along the way.

This is mainly for my own benefit, but I hope that someone else finds them useful too...

I have been using ubuntu for a few months now on my Rock CTX Pro 17" DTR notebook and on my Samsung Q35 12" ultra portable notebook.

Whilst both have been relatively painless experiences there are a few little foibles unique to each.

Over the coming days I hope to capture these as I rebuild the machines using a clean Gutsy Gibbon ( 7.10 ) install, with my old Windows XP and Vista installations as Virtual Machines under vmware for those currently unavoidable Visio and MS Outlook moments.